A website installer tool has a resemblance to the script installers which most Internet hosting firms offer. While the latter are used to install an app without being positive whether it's suitable to develop a certain type of website, the Internet site installer offers more options to pick from so that once a certain app is set up, you'll be able to build the website that you want. Very few businesses provide site installers, but such tools make it much easier to pick what app to employ for your site in the event that you do not have much experience and are not sure what the different apps out there are employed for - blogs, online stores, etc. It's important to know that a website installer isn't the same thing as an online website builder - rather, it enables you to set up a ready-made Internet site which you can start customizing in accordance with your needs from the administrator area of the app which you have selected.

Website Installer in Shared Hosting

If you choose one of our shared hosting solutions, you shall be able to make a website with ease using the free website installer that'll be available in your Hepsia hosting CP. The tool is simple to use even in case you don't have any experience due to the fact that all it takes to set up a site is to pick a domain and a template for it and to type in the login credentials for the website back office. We provide you with more than a thousand templates that are offered totally free and the relevant ones for the type of Internet site you would want to build shall appear when you select a category. This will allow you to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on website design services given thatyou shall only have to include your content to the newly set up website, which is almost all of the work a designer would do. The entire process takes onlya couple of minutes, so your new site will be operational in no time.