InnoDB is a database engine for MySQL databases, which is used by widespread PHP-powered applications such as Joomla 3 and Magento. It is perfect for scalable applications, since it works exceptionally well when handling large data volumes. Instead of locking the entire table to insert new information in a database as many other engines do, InnoDB locks only one database row, so it can process much more operations for the same length of time. Plus, InnoDB offers a faster database crash recovery and supports database transactions and foreign key constraints – rules that determine how data imports and modifications should be treated. In case a given operation hasn’t been fully completed for whatever reason, the action will be rolled back. In this way, the database content will be preserved intact and won’t be partially merged with new content.

InnoDB in Shared Hosting

Any script-driven app that requires InnoDB will run flawlessly on our leading-edge cloud web hosting platform and the database storage engine comes with all our shared hosting plans. Whenever you create a database manually or our app installer tool creates one automatically and an app installation process is initiated, the engine that the database will use will be selected in accordance with the app’s prerequisites without the need to modify any setting in your hosting account. InnoDB will be selected automatically for any application that requires this specific engine and you’ll be able to take advantage of its full capacity. We’ll create regular content backups, so in case you accidentally erase a database that’s important to you or you overwrite specific parts of it, we’ll be able to restore everything the way it was just a few hours earlier.