The administration of all hosting-related aspects is performed through a software tool called ‘Control Panel’. There are numerous brand names which provide more or less features, but in general, they all enable you to handle website files, to set up e-mail addresses and databases, to see account usage statistics or what amount of traffic your website visitors have generated. You are able to execute these actions via buttons and menus, and you'll feel like you’re managing your own personal computer. The billing part is typically managed from a different system, which may include domain name registrations too - if the company provides this sort of services. Sometimes, trouble tickets may be opened usingexactly the same system, while in others, this may be performed using a different support interface, so you might end up working with 3 user interfaces with a single hosting account.

Multilingual Control Panel in Shared Hosting

The Hepsia Control Panel, included with our shared plans, isn't third-party software. It was built by our skilled programmers based on user feedback and the result is an all-in-one software instrument, that will enable you to administrate files and email messages, to renew payments, to register domains and to open trouble tickets from a single location, so you can forget about dealing with different systems to do something as easy as acquiring a new domain and hosting it. We have also made comprehensive instructional videos, which will explain to you first-hand how to do various things when you have never used a web hosting account before. Numerous features are accessible via right-click menus and due to the fact that Hepsia is quite intuitive to use, handling your account shall be as simple as administrating content on your home PC. A variety of templates are available and you may select a preferred language choosing among Spanish, French, Russian, German, Italian and many more. What is more, you may also move the different sections around and set them up in accordance with your taste.